We Need Volunteers!

Boy do we ever! It is a testament to the solidarity shown by young and old to our project, that despite the fact that many volunteers eventually leave us, there are also many ready to replenish the ranks. To maintain the cycle going we admit to being aggressive recruiters.

A significant number of our volunteers have gone on to pen important studies, anthologies, theses, films, and documentaries. Their work have garnered some of them prestigious accolades and international awards. Those who didn’t tread the scholarly path, opted for careers in public policy and social work, with yet others venturing successfully to politics. Volunteering at the Clarification Oral History Project is definitely a door  opener.

We never have enough volunteers for the following positions:

  • Interviewers. These are personable, charismatic, deeply sympathetic individuals in charge of conducting the interviews and recording the testimonies of witnesses and victims. They must be highly proficient in the language of the storytellers.
  • Translators. We seek meticulous and careful polyglots to translate all testimonies into English, Haitian Creole, and Spanish.
  • Transcribers. Sometimes interviewers transcribe their own interviews, but we proudly maintain a dedicated force of accurate transcribers with sharp ears.
  • Coordinators. These are the people responsible for the good governance of our offices. They answer emails, schedule appointments, assign shifts, evaluate testimonial relevance, and much more.
  • Scouts. Are you hyperkinetic? Do you enjoy being constantly on the move? Then you would make a wonderful scout. Scouts comb the Dominican and Haitian countryside hunting for stories, anecdotes, and the odd, gifted storyteller. Some of our most important oral histories have been gleaned by scouts venturing deep into the mountains.

Which one are you? Let’s find out. Get started by filling the form below.


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