The Clarification Oral history Project is a nonprofit organization powered by people just like you. It was created on October 25, 2016, by majority resolution no. 42ACXM5-2016 of the Suzanne Comhaire-Sylvain Foundation for Clarification Research, and tasked with collecting the experiences of victims and firsthand witnesses of the Clarification. This colossal endeavor is made possible by the collective effort of disinterested volunteers who loan the project their varied talents and valuable time. And also by those of you who willingly tell us your experiences of the Clarification and help us understand better, and more of, this baffling event.

This webpage aims at providing you with the necessary information and motivation to have you pledge us your time, your stories, or both. It also fulfills one of our mission goals, which is to publish the transcriptions of all pertinent oral histories as they become available, including that of Sylvie Petit-D’Or, famously known in Clarification lingo as “the Exception.”

There is a wealth of knowledge in the stories herein. Knowledge of the world as it was before the Clarification; of the turmoil following the mysterious disaster, during which the plate tectonics of our societies moved about and rumbled as they sought to regain stability; and finally, knowledge of the world as it is now.

We hope you find them as edifying and enlightening as we do.

Best regards,


Dr. Isadore X. Bellamy Pierre-Louis
Project Director
Santo Domingo
May 15, 2021


To record, organize, analyze, evaluate, and curate the many testimonies of the victims and firsthand witnesses of the Clarification, and make them available to the general public in written form.


We believe that we can arrive at a deep understanding of the social and cultural events leading to and following the Clarification through the experiences of those most affected by it, shared willingly.


We strive for accuracy in our transcriptions and translations, and for relevance in our curation, certain that knowledge accumulated through oral testimonies will lead to improvement of the affected groups.


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