Sara Lee Polycarpe 001

Nationality: Dominican
Race: Black
Status: Clarified
Occupation: Sex Worker
Age: 17

Do I regret clarifying? Are you dense? Do I miss being black? What’s to miss? I no more miss being black than a whole person misses being an amputee, or a healthy person misses getting cancer. Fuck you. You can’t judge me. Were you a nigger? Have you been a nigger for any length of time? No? Then shut the fuck up.

It doesn’t surprise me. It takes a white dude to not understand in the way that you are not understanding. If you had been black, believe me: you would have gone down on your knees and thanked the Lord for having sent you the clarification.

Spare me your guerrilla bullshit, please. You is tripping on something wasn’t on sale for us… Maybe now it will be.